Paleo - In The Morning Linda Dies chords


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capo 8

G C Gthe morning of the flood, it was the morning linda died
G C Gwhile i was busy cutting diamonds with the corners of my life
G C Gwe drew a full house on the river it was erased before our eyes
G C Gwe know although things last forever they must change their shape sometimes
G C Gi am safe & i am sorry in the evergreens at night
G C G& i am looking through your window i am staring at your mind
Am G when linda dies and linda dies and linda dies
G C Git seems to me forever i've been waiting in this tree
G C G& so i go now by goliath i'm my favorite enemy
G C Gwe are careless with our wishing with the truths we tell through teeth
G C Gyou be careful what you pay for when the soul is your receipt
G C Gthey are boarding up the phone; they are boarding up their eyes
G C Gyou will board open your hands; i will board the kites of time
G C Gdeliver me tomorrow care of sleep, my moving boat,
G C Gbut it can take me only so far, only so far yet to go
Am Gwhen linda dies and linda dies and linda dies
G C Gwe have cut through most of georgia, not 200 miles to go
G C Gwe are all buried in the jordan turns our spirits white like snow
G C Gthere is a door within its palm it will not hit us where we go
*note He adds a note to the G chord each time, like this: (d is down strum, u is up)
d d u u d u---------------|---------------|-0--0-0--0-0-0-|-0--0-2--2-2-0-|-2--2-2--2-2-2-|-3--3-3--3-3-3-|
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