Panic At The Disco - Its Almost Halloween tab version 1

I'm not 95% sure this is right. 

*~*~ sorry the chords get messed up a bit, so theyre not all exactly on like the 
same change as the word

Intro- Em, C, D
Verse 1-
I'm carving pumpkins, it's almost halloween.
   C                          D
All my friends are wondering, what they're gonna be.
The monster mash is playing, you're moving to the beat.
   C                          D
And now we're gonna teach you, to do the trick-or-treat.

Em                   C
Everybody scream, everybody scream,
It's almost Halloween.
                      Em                 C
Do the trick-or-treat, do the trick-or-treat,
                   Em         Em, C, D
It's almost Halloween. Everybody scream.

Verse 2-
There's a devil in the corner, in candy apple red.
C              D
Dressed up like a fire, burning through my head.
I got a little closer, and offered her a drink.
         C                              D
Who took me to the graveyard, and we did the trick-or-treat.

Repeat Chorus

Em                                           C
Before I learned her name, we were already asleep.
              Em                                      C-D
When I woke up in my coffin, she was nowhere to be seen.
Em                             C          D
Was it all a dream, who can I believe?
Em                                         C     D
It can't be what it seems, it was only Halloween.
                 Em, C, D
What does it all mean?

Repeat Chorus twice.
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