Panic At The Disco - Build God Then Well Talk chords

                          Panic at The Disco
                        Build God then Well Talk
                    A Fever you Can`t Sweat Out(2005)

                    Author`s Note:
                  One of my favorites song of panic at the disco
                  i been looking good tabs for this song and i don`t 
                  find a good tab Then I submit this tab enjoy it                
oh i Also submit the tab of th Demo of Oh Glory

Chords Used



B5 D5 G5 F#5 B5 D5 G5 It's these substandard motels on the (lalalalala) corner of 4th and Fremont
B5 D5 G5 right before your very (lalalala) eyes.
F#5 B5 D5 Along with the people inside
G5 E5 B5 D5 G5 E5What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
B5 D5 G5 E5 B5 D5 G5 F#5 Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy
B5 D5 G5 F#5There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses...
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