Panic At The Disco - The Ballad Of Mona Lisa chords version 7

This is my first ever chord/tab, so don't be too mean.


AmShe paints her fingers with a close precision
He starts to notice empty bottles of gin
GAnd takes a moment to assess the sin she’s paid for...
AmA lonely speaker in a conversation
Her words are swimming through his ears again
Dm E Am GThere’s nothing wrong with just taste of what you paid for
F C E Am GSay what you mean tell me im right and let the sun rain down on me
F C Egive me a sign I wanna believe
F Am GWhoa Mona Lisa, you’re guaranteed to run this town
F C EWhoa Mona Lisa I’d pay to see you frown
Am G
AmHe sense something call it desperation another dollar another day
Dm E Amand if she has the proper words to say she’d tell but she’d have nothing left to sell him...
Am Chorus Again Bridge: Am F C E
Am F C EOh Mona Lisa
Chorus Again
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