Tricks Of The Trade chords with lyrics by Paolo Nutini - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Paolo Nutini – Tricks Of The Trade chords

		     Tricks of the trade - Paolo Nutini
Tabbed by: Youriboss

I'm sorry if this tab is a little messy, but it's my first one ever. I just figured it
by ear, but i think it's quite good. Also, I don't really know the names of the chords,
if someone could tell me them in a comment, I can add them to the tab. So for now, I can 

( Don't know the names of these notes either, think of the piano)

Tuning: Low D - Low A - D - Fsharp - A - High D

D    (000000)
F#m  (444000)
G    (555000)
A    (777000)
E    (022100)

Intro: D, F#m, G, A

(D)Was it love or recognition that has
(F#m)healed this man's condition
(G)I'm hoping and I'm wishing that
(A)this bird won't fly away
(D)We can see life hand in hand,
(F#m)the green, the blue, the rough, the sand
(G)And in our time and in our land
(A)we'll savor everyday
(E) (D)And oh, how our glory may fade,
(F#m) (G) at least we've learned
(G) (A)some things along the way
(D)You took me from my bubble
(F#m)knowing my defense was weak
(G)And you sat there and you listened
(A)any time I chose to speak
(D)you gathered from my pleas to
(F#m)you that I am but a clown
(G) (A)And I fear only a hero can defeat
these demons now Chorus:
(E) (D)And oh, how our glory may fade,
(F#m) (G) at least we've learned some
(A)tricks of trade
(D) (F#m) (G) (A)
(E) (F#m)And as time shall inevitably move on,
(G)oh well, at least we'll have four strong
(A)legs to stand on
(D)To keep us alive...
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