Paolo Nutini - Coming Home To You chords

Coming Home To You

E I`d be a liar if I said to you,
E B7the doubts don`t cross my mind,
Aand devotin' all my hours to you
Estill takes its toll sometime
E `Cos I left home and lived alone
E Afar before I was due
EAnd that's why I keep comin' home to you
EOh, I`d be a hypocrite if I said
B7that I`d be best for you all the time
A `Cos my mind wanders and I find myself
Ejust like a tired school boy on the sheepy line
and then you smiled for me,
Adeceives me and I know I`ll be true
E B7 Eand that`s why I keep comin' home to you
B7An' I want to kiss you near the abbey
A EUp in the car park in the sky
A EUp there where we used to go
B7and swim with you through the lagoon
A Eas people pass us by
A B7that's when you... will know
Ethat although my lies, say otherwise
B7it`s ment to be a swear
Adenyin' me of my prime obsession
E just would not be fair
so clear the floor with me and dance with me
Acoshin' to the wind *
E B7 EAnd i swear I`ll keep comin' home ... again
* (not shure the text in this line is right, or what this means, that's what I understand)
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