Papa M - Arundel tab

                                  [Arundel by Papa M]
                         [Track 1 from Live From a Shark's Cage]

Transcribed by Christopher Steenson

And it goes like this:

e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---4-3---------------------------| [x2]D|-------1---------/6--------------|A|---2----------------7------------|E|-------2-(2)-(2)-/7--------------|(7)-(7)-(7)
Hold down the chord shapes to help give it the ringing effect on the recording, all the notes in brackets should be played quietly. On the second repeat add in another quiet B note at the end before going into this:
e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------9------------------|G|-------------------------------6-8-9-8-------------------8--| and let theD|---1-2-------------8-9-------9---9-----9--------------------| feedback runA|-4---4----------11---11-------------------------------------| free...E|-------(0)-(0)-(0)--(0)-(0)-(0)---------(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-|
Again try and hold down those chords as much as possible to let them ring out. I've noted the bass notes as quite but they are louder than in the previous figure, s'all a game of interpretation. That's it! All 1 minute and 7 seconds. Comment for any questions/corrections etc.
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