Papa Roach – She Loves Me Not chords

Papa Roach
She Loves Me Not
2002 Geffen Records
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard eADGBe

Chords used:
F -  133211
G -  320003
Am - x02210
C -  x32010
Dm - xx0231
Em - 022000

Intro: Carousel in the carnival sound

Verse 1:
Am When i see her eyes
F look into my eyes
Dm Em Then i realize that she
could see inside my head
Am So I close my eyes
F thinking that I could hide
Dm Em Disassociate so I don't
have to lose my head
Am F This situation leads to agitation
Dm Will she cut me off?
EmWill this be amputation?
Am F Dm I don't know if i care
EmI'm the jerk life's not fair
F G Fighting all the time
Amthis is out of line
She loves me not loves me not
F G Am Do you realize I won't compromise
She loves me not loves me not Post Chorus 1: F--G-- Verse 2:
Am Over the past five years
F I have shed my tears
Dm I have drank my beers and
Emwatched my fears fly away
Am And until this day
F she still swings my way
Dm Em But it's sad to say sometimes
she says she loves me not
Am But I hesitate
F to tell her i hate
Dm Em This relationship I want
out today this is over (Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Post Chorus 2:
C Dm AmLife is not fair
C Dm Am F(hold) G(hold)I'm the jerk
Bridge: Jacob raps
Am Line for line rhyme for rhyme
FSometimes we be fighting
all the fucking time
Dm It's making me sick
Emrelationship is getting ill
AmPiss drunk stupid mad
On the real could you
Ffeel what I feel?
What's the deal girl? We're tearing up
Dmeach other's world
We should be in harmony
EmBoy and girl that is
Amthe promise we made
Back in the day
FWe told each other things
wouldn't be this way
Dm I think we should
work this out
EmIt's all right baby we
can scream and shout (Repeat Refrain) (Repeat chorus) Outro: Jacob growls
F G Life's not fair!!!
AmLife's not fair!!!
Life's not fair!!!
C G AmI'm the jerk
F Dm Em---Life's not fair!!!
F G She loves me not!!!
Am(hold)loves me not!!!
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