Papa Roach – Roses On My Grave tab

Roses on my grave – Papa Roach
Tabbed by: Alex Jones ;)

Tuning: Standard – I’ve tabbed it for standard although if you want the octave change 
you would need to redo this in drop D I reckon!

Intro: (Alot of distortion and feedback on these notes, it’s down to alot of production 
I imagine so it’s not that important for the music! Not sure they’re entirely right!)

Main strings part(Verse) : (I like to play this as power chords palm muted to make it sound similar)e|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------|D|---7----10----9----7----10--12---7--------|A|---7----10----9----7----10--12---7--------|E|---5----8-----7----5----8---10---5--------|Basically the verse just is a mix of these two variations depending on the vocal line. It’s quite easy to work out and sounds ok whichever you use because of the string harmonies in the song!
Chorus: (The strings play this an octave up but on a guitar that would be a bit rubbish so just similar power chords to the verse with little hammer ons and pull offs if you want them)e|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------|D|---10---9---------7----------3-----5----7------|A|---10---9---------7-----X2---3-----5----7—-----|E|---8----7—7h8p7---5----------1-----3----5------|
Please forgive me (I’d play these quiter/gentler or if you have a bassist just let him do the root notes on his bass as it’s much lower on strings)e|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------|D|---10---9----7---------------------|A|---10---9----7---------------------|E|---8----7----5---------------------|
IT’S MY REDEMPTION! And the last bit just change the dynamics a bit with the same chords I think!e|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|------------------------------|D|---9----10---12---------------|A|---9----10---12-------X8------|E|---7----8----10---------------|
This is my first tab, and hector93gw requested it on the forums 4 years ago and I thought I’d give it a bash as it’s an awesome song!
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