Papa Roach - Born With Nothing tab

Papa Roach - Born with nothing, Die with everything
Tuning Drop D (Typical Papa Roach)
I have to confess im doing this from a pc with no guitar so allow some inaccuracy's

Main Riffe:------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------|D:------5-5---------------------------|A:--3-3-----3-3-3-6-6---6-------------|D:-------------------------8-8-8-0----|
\________I'm not sure bout this note I think its open or it might Be 8 again.e:------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------|D:------5-5---------------------------|A:----------------6-6---6-------------|D:--6-6-----6-6-6----------8-8-8-0----|
Chorus (the only tab here doesnt have this, but im not sure if its right but you can play alon with the song this way)
e:------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------|D:----------3h5-----------------------|A:--3-3-x-x-----x-x-6h8-x-x-5h6---5---|D:------------------------------8-----| X2
e:------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------|D:----------3h5-----------------------|A:------x-x-----x-x-6h8-x-x-5h6---5---|D:--6-6-------------------------8-----| X2
Where i think im wrong is that the clicks are some note i just couldnt be bothered figurin it out. Im sorry But if there are mistakes E-mail and let me know
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