Paper Aeroplanes – All You Need chords

All You Need- Paper Aeroplanes

So I recently discovered this song and I absolutely love it! I couldn't find any 
chords or lyrics, so I figured them out by ear. Hope this helps! :) let me know if 
you have any corrections :)

G                                EmCharge your soldiers, bowl them over
Em               CEvery day is one day older
G                         EmDream in tatters, ego battered
Em                          CWork as though it's all that matters
           D                     CWhen all you need is love
            D                     CMaybe all we need is love
G                         EmFake or flounder, hopes will hound you
Em                    CWrap your dirty words around you
G                               EmWhy's and why nots, first and last shots
Em                     CFor all I heard is breathe at the full stops
           D                     CWhen all you need is love
           D                     CMaybe all we need is love
     Em                     CBut I am alive, I am fire and wine
       G                           DI am foot to the floor, a sliding door-line
Em                              CHard as a rose, I'm as structured as pros
G                                            D            CI'll be fake as your nails, whatever it entails
G                           EmCall your soldiers, battle's over
Em                   CI just found my four leaf clover
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