Paper Route - Only Words chords version 1

Only words - Paper Route

This is how i play this song ony my guitar!Standard tuning!Chords C G D A5e|-0-|-3-|-2-|-x-|B|-1-|-3-|-3-|-x-|G|-0-|-0-|-2-|-2-|D|-2-|-0-|-0-|-2-|A|-3-|-2-|-0-|-0-|E|-x-|-3-|-x-|-x-|
----- Intro x2
C, G, D -----
----- Verse 1 -----
C G D Grant me this courtesy;
C G D let this be dead to me.
C G It's easy when my eyes are shut,
DI'd say it but...
----- Chorus -----
G It's so self righteous,
Ccold and pious.
A5 D The goodbyes are kissed,
CI'm better than this.
----- Intro x2 -----
C, G, D-----
Verse 2 -----
C (let ring) G DI'd rather be obvious,
C G D than losing my consciousness.
C G I'm happy to see it now,
Dyou don't know how to...
----- Chorus -----
G Earn your reward,
C speechless once more.
A5 D The goodbyes are kissed,
I'm better than this. ----- Bridge -----
C, G, D-----
Chorus -----
G (let ring) Please keep quiet,
C I don't buy it.
A5 D your Patience seems dead to me,
A5 D everything's dead to me.
GI'd love to see you
C hurt like I do.
A5 D They're only words,
A5 D baby its words.
A5 D The goodbyes are kissed,
D (cont)I'm better than this
----- Outro x4 ----- C ,G ,D ---After that ring out C
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