Parachute Band – I Stand In Awe Of You chords

Intro: E - A - E

Verse 1:
B E I stand in awe of You
G#m AHoly one, mighty God
F#mI raise my hands to You
C#m BAwesome King, mighty God
Verse 2:
EI will declare
G#m C#Your majesty and glory in this place
ALord, let Your Holy Spirit
BBring Your glory to this place
E G#mI bow my head in reverence
ATo You, mighty God
F#m F#I will proclaim how wonderful
BAnd marvelous You are
G#mI raise my hands to You
C#m AMy awesome King
F#mI stand in awe of You
B EIn awe of You, my God
-----NOTES---------------- Thank You Lord. Chords by me.
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