Parachute – Kiss Me Slowly tab

I'm 97% sure this works. Hopefully. :P

E9- 022033G- 320033C9- x32033
Dsus- xx0233D-xx0232
Capo 2nd fret
E9E|-------3--------------------|B|-------3------3-------------|G|-----0----------0-----------|D|---2---------------2--------|A|-2--------------------------|E|----------------------------| Stay with me...
GE|-----------3----------------|B|-----------3----------------|G|----0-----0-----------------|D|---------0------------------|A|--------2-------------------|E|--2----3--------------------| Baby, Stay with me..
C9E|----------3-------------------|B|----------3-------------------|G|----0-----0-------------------|D|--------2---------------------|A|-2-----3----------------------|E|------------------------------| Tonight Don't Leave
Dsus4 DE|------3----2------------------|B|-----3-----3------------------|G|----2------2------------------|D|---0-------0------------------|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------| Alone.....
>SAME TABS:< Walk with me Come and walk with me To the edge of all we've ever known. >>>Here You play with the chords except for C9. (You have to play the bass E ALONE) It's up to you anyway :)<<
E9 C9I can see you there with the city lights E|--------3---------------| B|--------3---------------| G|--------0---------------| D|------------------------| A|------------------------|G E|--2---------------------|Forteenth floor pale blue eyes C9 DI can breathe you in
E9 C9Two shadows standing by the bedroom door E|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|------------------------| A|------------------------|G E|--2---------------------|You know I could not want you more C9Then I did right then Dsus DAs our heads leaned in
Chorus: C9well I'm not sure what this going to be E|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|------------------------| A|------------------------| G E|--2---------------------|
But with my eyes clentched all I see C9 GIs the sky line through the window Dsus DThe moon above you and the streets belowE9 C9Hold my breath as you're moving in E|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|------------------------| A|------------------------|G E|--2---------------------|Taste your lips and feel your skin' C9When the time comes G Dsus DBaby donย’t run, just kiss me slowly.
<> YOU CAN CHOOSE TO PLAY THE CHORDS OR THE TABS. Either way. lol After the 2ND CHORUS: instrumental bridge: E9-----G C9 Dsus(2 STRUMS) then switch quickly toD Don't run away E9----G----C9----Dsus(2 Strums) then switch quickly to D E9 G And it's hard to love again C9 When the only way it's been Dsus When the only love you knew D Just walked away. E9 G It gets something that you want C9 Darling you don't have to run D You don't have to go E9 Just Stay with me, G Baby stay with me... THE SAME CHORDS FOR THE LAST 3 CHORUSES. :pppp Audrey Jeih. (Facebook)
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