Parachute – She For Liz tab ver. 3

so, She(For Liz) by Parachute
just the intro which is also played 
at points in the song; listen for timing.
All the other versions sound good but I 
feel that this one is extremely accurate
*first tab* XD 

r- r- r- r- r--e|-----||-----------------------------||B|-----||-----------------------------||G|--6--||--8-\-9--------------4---\-6-|| repeat twiceD|--6--||--8-\-9--6-\-7--2-4--4---\-6-|| ** or as many times as needed**A|--4--||--6-\-7--6-\-7--2-4--2---\-4-||E|-----||---------4-\-5--0-2----------||
r = let ring ***as for the slide, well that's what I do. I let the power cords ring a bit then slide to the next set and strum while it might seem a little difficult or the wording might be weird) its easy enough***
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