Parachute – White Dress chords

Great song by Parachute! The chords below can be played as barre chords as well (except 
for the C and Em). I just prefer to play it this way! Give it a go! Rate and comment!

Artist: Parachute
Song: White Dress
Album: The Way It Was
Tuning: Standard


     F    G    A   Em	 C

e |--0----0----0----0----0------|B |--1----3----5----0----1------|G |--2----4----6----0----0------|D |--3----5----7----2----2------|A |--3----5----7----2----3------|E |--x----x----x----x----x------|
Intro/Interlude (x2) F A G A Verse 1
FShe wears a white dress
C GShe sees the light and it's saying 'come back'
Em FShe's out the door but she hasn't left yet
C GAnd I start believing her when she says that
G FThe city's gonna save her love
C G EmDon't leave her I know just what shes looking for
F C GOh but all she knows is a picture that keeps fading on
GBut I can't let her go that's why I'm telling her
F G A GI wanna love you more
FThan all of the things you wanted
G G A GThan all of the things you're not
F G A GYou want to have it all
FBut you found it in the city
GBut the city doesn't talk, oooh
Intro/Interlude (x2) F A G A Verse 2
FShe wears a gold cross
C GShe sheds her skin but it never comes off
Em FShe hears the angels out on the streets
C GTonight as she walks right by oh they sing so softly
F C FThey sing "oohh whooah, oohh whooah, oohh whooah
G FLoves right behind you oohh whooah"
Chorus (x2) Solo (Played during the repeat of the chorus)
e |----------------------------|B |----------------------------|G |--5/12--12--5/12--12--7--9--|D |----------------------------|A |----------------------------|E |----------------------------|
e |-------------------------------------|B |-------------------------------------|G |--5/12--12--5/12--12--7--9--10--5--7-|D |-------------------------------------|A |-------------------------------------|E |-------------------------------------|
F C FOohh whooah oohh whooah ohh whooah
FOh she floats off through a crowded room
F C GShe remembers the rows and rows of houses
F C GAnd the street lights going on
GThat's why I'm telling her
Chorus (x2) Outro
F C FOohh whooah, oohh whooah, oohh whooah
GLoves right behind you
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