Parachute – White Dress chords ver. 2

White Dress by Parachute.

The song is mostly power chords throughout, so I didn't bother to put the
minor on the As and Es, but if you are playing open chords, be sure to play
the minors. Enjoy!

A   C   F   C  x2

Verse 1-- On the record, Electric and Acustic guitars are both out, and piano 
plays a high C chord for the majority of the verse with bass carrying 
melody. When playing alone, I think the intro chords follow the verse better. 
CShe wears a white dress
AShe sees the light and it's saying come back
CShe's out the door but she hasn't left yet
AAnd I start believing her when she says that
C G AThe city's gonna save her love
F G A FDon't leave her I know just what shes looking for
G A F G A FOh but all she knows is a picture that keeps fading on
FBut I can't let her go that's why I'm telling her
F A G CI wanna love you more
F AThan all of the things you wanted
G C GThan all of the things you're not
F A G C DYou want to have it all
A But you found it in the city
G ABut the city doesn't talk, oooh
Instrumental. A C F C x2 Verse 2. She wears a gold cross She sheds her skin but it never comes off She hears the angels out on the streets at night as she walks right by oh they sing so softly They sing Ohhh..... Loves right behind you Ohhh..... Chorus Instrumental 2. Chorus chords and time, without vocals. F A G C F A G C G F A G C D A G Bridge.
F G E F x4Oohh.... Oh she floats off through a crowded room
C FShe remembers the rows and rows of houses
A G FAnd the street lights going on
That's why I'm telling her Chorus x2 Outro.
F G E F...... Love’s right behind you....
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