Parachute – Winter Love chords

B E - BOh it's one more year of waiting,
One more month of all alone, One more day is fading,
F# E - Bjust bring me back my winterlove.
B E - BSpring goes by so slowly,
Summer cant come fast enough, Fall can leave me lonely,
F# E - BJust bring me back my winterlove.
B E - BOh i slept in every city,
Drove through every countryside Made friends with the shadows
F# E - BLooking for a place to hide
C#m E - BAnd ive crossed every ocean
and ive climbed every mountaintop
B E - BOh, but nothing seems to hold me
F# E - Bhold me like my winterlove
E F# G#m - B and the world keeps going
as you kiss me so slowly as your blue eyes they say goodbye
C F - Coh the snow is finally falling
when i walk the streets, i think of her i can hear the choir singing
G F - Cas i pause beside the open door
C F - Cand the church bells sound above me
and the people pass me one by one oh its midnight now on christmas
G F - Cand im here without my winterlove
C F - Cyeahhhhhhhhh
G F - Cwithout my winterlove
C F - Cwhen the angels come to take you
when your plane takes off from washington oh, ill be right where you left me
G F - Cill wait for you my winterlove
oh ill wait for you my winterlove oh ill wait for you my winterlove
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