Parachute - She For Liz chords

Chords (because it's kind of specific at least for the chorus): C#m E/D# E A/G# A F#m B E* E/D#*|--4------0-----0----0-----0----0----0---0-----0-----||--5------0-----0----0-----0----0----0---0-----0-----||--6------1-----1----2-----2----2----4---9-----9-----||--6------1-----2----2-----2----2----4---9-----9-----||--4------------2----x-----0----x----2---7-----6-----||---------------0----4----------2--------0-----0-----|The C#m can be played as C#m7 instead, too.And yes, the A is actually Asus2, for you hecklers.And the F#m isn't actually F#m.
Verse 1:
C#m E/D# EShe has no problem with secrets
A/G# AShe knows how to keep them
E F#m BShe never felt the need to let them show
C#m E/D# EAnd I've had no trouble with speaking
A/G# AOr trusting my instincts
E F#m BThat maybe this is one that I should know
C#m E/D#But as I'm waiting there
E A/G#The devil on my shoulder stares
A E F#mLaughing that the one thing I can't get
BIs what I need
C#m A/G# A E/D#She, She is the words that I can't find
E F#m E* E/D#*How can the only thing that's killing me make me feel so alive
C#mAnd I couldn't speak
A/G# A E/D#I couldn't breathe to save my life
E F#mAll of my chances swim like sinking ships
E*This time it's it
E/D#*I'll drown or make her mine
Verse 2:
C#m E/D# E My vocal chords have been fighting
A/G# AMy mouth likes to spite me
E F#m BIt never says the words that come to mind
C#m E/D# E I brought a stick to a gun fight
A/G# AAnd I'm stuck with my tongue tied
E F#m BI run but I can't hide what's always there and
A F#m E BI can see these things I'd do
A F#m E BBut never seem to follow through
Notes: - Verse 1 > Pre-chorus > Chorus > Verse 2 > Chorus > Bridge > First two lines of Chorus > Chorus - You can leave out all the inverted chords if you want (the ones with different bass notes). They're part of the song and make up that crawling progression between chords, but the song's playable without them. - Listen to the song for timing. The chords are all played on the first beat and the third and a half beat. So if this was a measure with each dash representing an eighth note:
| - - - - - - - - |
The chords would be played on the X's | X - - - - X - - |
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