Paramore – Born For This Live tab

Basically this is the intro that they play on the Final Riot tour. I found out
that some people might have wanted it so i decided to tab it since it was easy.
I couldn't find out how many strums you do. Just watch the video and then the
number of times you play the 2x4 octave, you halve it for the 9x11, 7x9 and 6x4

Tuning:E Ab D Gb B e (so you don't have to retune your whole guitar)

|--------------------------------------------------------------------|\|--------------------------------------------------------------------| \|-4----------11---------9-------/\---4---------11--------6--------/\-| \(4x)|-x--(x32?)--x--(x16?)--x--(x16)/\---x--(x32)--x--(x16)--x--(x16)-/\-| /|-2----------9----------7-------/\---2---------9---------4--------/\-| /|--------------------------------------------------------------------|/
(The /\ means you slide up one fret then down to 2x4 again) To put it simply, its octaves being played. UPDATE:I was playing a song tuned half step down and it sounds better like that
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