Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick Acoustic chords ver. 2

I transcribed this tab myself, so it may not be perfect, but I'm sure it's very close.

Artist: Paramore
Song: Brick By Boring Brick
Album: Brand New Eyes
Tabbed By: Carrie

Tuning: Standard

F#m - 244222
C#m - x46654
D - x57775
A - x02220
E - 022100

Note: the transition between C#m and D is very fast. You can play D xx0232 but the barre chord is easier.
Intro F#m C#m D A x4 Verse
F#m C#m DShe lives in a fairytale
ASomewhere too far for us to find
F#m C#m DForgotten the taste and smell
AOf a world that she's left behind
F#m C#m D AIt's all about the exposure
EThe lens I told her
F#m C#m DThe angles are all wrong now
AShe's ripping wings off of butterflies
E F#m AKeep your feet on the ground
E F#m AWhen your head is in the clouds
AGo get your shovel
C#mAnd we'll dig a deep hole
F#mTo bury the castle
EBury the castle
(repeat) (no guitar) Ba da ba ba da ba ba da Verse (same chords) Now one day he found her crying Coiled up on the dirty ground Her prince finally came to save her And the rest you can figure out But it was a trick and the clock struck twelve Well make sure To build your home brick by boring brick Or the wolf's gonna blow it down Prechorus Chorus Bridge
AThis is not real
EAnd you can't hold it in your hand
F#mCan't feel it with your heart
EAnd I won't believe it
A EBut if it's true you can see it with your eyes
F#mEven in the dark
EThen that's where I want to be, yeah
Chorus Verse pattern on outro
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