Paramore - Breathe tab version 1

1Verse: I climb...|-5------------0---------------||---0-7-0-3-0------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------| Repeat
|-5--------9-7-----------------||---0-7-0----------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------| (last One)
2Verse: And I, I will.|------------------------------||------------------------------||--5-6-4-5---------------------| |-----------7-5-0--------------| |------------------------------| |------------------------------| Repeat
|------------------------------||------------------------------||--5-6-4-5---------------------| |-----------7-5-9-7------------||------------------------------| |------------------------------| (last one)
Chorus: Breathe... G D Breathe for love tomorrow Bm Am7 Cause there's no hope for today G D Breathe for love tomorrow Bm Am7 Cause maybe there's another way Solo: G , D , Bm , Am7 x2 Chorus: ... x2 Verse1: ... Thx! rate , favorite , and comment. [ if u need help, or u have any prob, comment and i'll reply ..Thx again]
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