Paramore - Franklin tab

When your playing the song, you basically keep your first finger on the first fret
of the B string for the most part. It's actually pretty easy. You could play it in
Standard tuning or Drop C#. it sounds good either way.
Here ya go! [[[[=

Verse:E|--0--0--0--0--0----| *do this four times before the chorusB|--1--1--1--1--1----|G|--0--0--2--0--0----|D|--2--2--3--2--0----|A|--0--3--3--3--2----|E|--x--x--x--x--3----|
Chorus:E|--0--0--0---| *Do this four timesB|--1--1--1---|G|--2--0--0---|D|--3--2--0---|A|--3--0--2---|E|--x--x--3---|
Then play the verse and the chorus each one more time. then after the second chorus:
Chorus:E|--0--0--0---| *play this until you want to end the songB|--1--1--1---|G|--2--0--0---|D|--3--2--0---|A|--3--0--2---|E|--x--x--3---|
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