Paramore – In The Mourning tab ver. 2

enjoy. I Do Not Own This Music. Credit Goes To Paramore and Their Label Company

Tabs: Capo on 3rd FretVerse x5e|------------ x2 e|------------ x1 e|-------------------| x4B|-----1----- B|-----0----- B|----0--------------|G|--0---0--- G|---0--0--- G|--0--0---- at 5th-|D|------------ D|------------ D|-------------------| time theA|-3--------- A|-2--------- A|-------------------| last part isE|------------ E|------------ E|-2-----------------| played twice.
Pre Chorus: 2xe|---------------------- e|----------| x4B|----1--------1-------1 B|-----0----|G|--0--------0------0- play the part G|---0------|D|--------------------- with the 0 on D|----------|A|---------------------- E 5x then A|----------|E|-3------2------0---- E|-3--------|
Chorus: x2e|--------- x2 e|---------------- e|-----2-------| x4B|----1--- B|----0--------0- B|---3--3------|G|--0--0- G|--0--0----0--0 G|-------------|D|-------- D|---------------- D|-0-----------|A|-3------ A|-2------------- A|-------------|E|-------- E|---------3------ E|-------------|
Repeat the Verse 2x but play last part in the second time only twice then:e|----------|B|-0h1--0---|
Repeat song! Hope this helps!!
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