Paramore - Brick By Boring Brick chords version 6

F#m   A/C# A/D A 3x      

(Verse 1)
F#m A/C# A/D She lives in a fairy tale
A A/E A/DSomewhere too far for us to find
F#m A/C# A/DForgotten the taste and smell
A Of the world that she's left behind
F#m7 A/C# A/D A It's all about the exposure the lens I told her
F#m7 A/C# A/D The angles were all wrong now
A She's ripping wings off of butterflies
Esus F#m7(4) D(9) keep your feet on the ground
Esus F#m7 E/G# when your head's in the clouds
A Well go get your shovel
C#m7 And we'll dig a deep hole
F#m7 E To bury the castle, bury the castle
2x Ba da ba ba da ba ba da (Repeat intro 1x) (Verse 2)
F#m A/C# A/DSo one day he found her crying
A A/E A/D Coiled up on the dirty ground
F#M A/C# A/DHer prince finally came to save her
AAnd the rest you can figure out
F#m7 A/C#But it was a trick
A/D A And the clock struck twelve We'll make sure
F#m7 A/C# A/Dto build your home brick by boring brick
Aor the wolf's gonna blow it down
(prechorus) (chorus 1x) (interlude) Bm9 D A E6 E (Bridge)
Bm9 Well you built up a world of magic
DBecause your real life is tragic
A E6 E Yeah you built up a world of magic
AIf it's not real
A(9)/C# You can't hold it in your hand
F#m7You can't feel it with your heart
E And I won't believe it
ABut if it's true
A(9)/C# You can see it with your eyes
F#m7Oh even in the dark
E And that's where I want to be, yeah
(Chorus 2x) ba da ba ba da ba ba da......
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