Paramore – Renegade chords ver. 2

Played it by ear. Sounds alright for me. 

(For me, it sounds best. My guitar is low and suits for my voice)


[Verse 1:]
C GThe grass wasn't green enough here
DAfter watching you with my tears
C D I'm not sure where you went
C GWe are, just past tense
C GThe snakes, they are slithering in
DChasing me to my end
C DCan't say where that is
C (hold) I'm running again
COh, when I get there
Dit won't be far enough
C GI'm a renegade
DIt's in my blood
CIf ever I get there
D It won't be fast enough
C GI'm a renegade
DI always was
[Intro chords] C D C G/D [Verse 2:] Same as the first verse. Well, your spark never lit up the fire Though we tried and tried and tried The wind came through your lungs A hurricane from your tongue I'll keep your secrets with me Right behind my teeth The anger, the anchor
C I'll sail more further on
C DAh, on
[Repeat Chorus] [Bridge:]
CI'll keep running
EmI'll keep running again
Ckeep running
G#m I'll keep running
F#mrunning, running
G#m F#mKeep running, running,running
[Repeat Chorus]
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