Paramore – Interlude Im Not Angry Anymore chords ver. 2

Band : Paramore
Song : Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
Album : Paramore
Year : 2013

As this song is played in Ukulele by Hayley Williams, here you can find chords for 
this instrument, enjoy :)

Chords Used :
GUITAR :                     UKULELE (GCEA tuned)
C  : x32010                  C  : 0003
D  : xx0212                  D  : 2220
G  : 320033                  G  : 0232
B7 : x21202 or x24242        B7 : 2322
Eb : x6504x or x68886        Eb : 0331
Em : 022000                  Em : 0432

C D G I'm not angry anymore
B7Well, sometimes I am
C D G I don't think badly of you
B7 C Eb Well, sometimes I do
C B7It depends on the day,
Em CThe extent of all my worthless rage
C D G I'm not angry anymore
C D G I'm not bitter anymore
B7I'm syrupy sweet
C D G I'll rot your teeth down to their core
B7 C EbIf I'm really happy
C B7 Em CDepends on the day, if I wake up in a giddy haze
C D Well I'm not angry
C D I'm not totally angry
C D G I'm not all that angry anymore
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