Parokya Ni Edgar – Bad tab

Guitar solo:
e|-----------------------------------------------------------| B|----3-----x---3----3---x------3-----x---3----3---x---------| G|----2p0---x---2p0--2---x------2p0---x---2p0--2---x---------| D|----------x------------x------------x------------x---------| A|----------x------------x---0--2-----x---2--------x---------| E|----3---------3--------------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------2h3--2-----0-----2---------------| B|-----3----x---3----3--x---3----3--x--3-----3---------------| G|-----2p0--x---2p0--2--x-----------x----(2)-----------------| 2x all... D|----------x-----------x---0-------x--0-----0---------------| A|--0--3----x---3-------x-----------x------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
INTRO: B-A-D/B x2 its kind of a rock star straming.... so try it like ROK! Stanza B - A - D/B "B"! baho kamo! B - A - D/B "A"! Abno Kamo! B - A - D/B "D"! Dako ako! Chorus: G - A Gaga ka G - A GaGa Ka! Ending Chords: G - A - G - A Thats it! Try it now! if u have comments, questions, jowks , or a problem just email me at or if u have friendster' add me!! go!!!!
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