Parokya Ni Edgar - Red Pants chords

RED PANTS by Parokya ni Edgar

INTRO: E-F#m-A-E (palm muted)

E Red pants I love you
F#m Red pants I love you
A _________ and not so good
E to look at
C#m He's a friend of Buwi's girlfriend
A from Iloilo
C#m We picked him up in another town
A ____________
C#m He _____________
A to Buwi
C#m He said he'll meet his Mabolo friends
A from Iloilo
B But the truth of the matter is he's not-ah
A he's just going to fuck-ah
VERSE: E-F#m-A-E *paulit-ulit nalang yung chord pattern.. *Ako'y humihingi po ng tulong sa lyrics dahil di ko maintindihan.. hehe NITRAM 10:59 AM 12-30-10
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