Parokya Ni Edgar – Moon Song tab

moon song - parokya ni edgar
chords by jae bustilla

Em-D-A-G-Em-C-D-G (2x)

     Em    C        D      G
where cuold i possibly be guide
   Em      C        D      G
an eloquent sound I'm being reminded
 Em        C        D      G
my saviour i need to follow
Em         C        D       G
to destiny somewhat may be hollow

(do 1st stanza chords)
into fields of sorrowd and souls
i have borrow of spear and change
and neglect arrows
in midst of a path so narrow
shield me now i'll be back

(do 1st stanza chords)
moonlight seem to be
my warden
i'll set still but my mind will travel
moonlight catchees me in silence
it keeps me up and it keeps
me dreaming

(repeat intro chorus)


(do 1st stanza chords)
where could be guided
it is possible that i'm being
my savious sun i need to follow

(repeat refrain)
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