Pasadena - Toolbox tab

			     TOOLBOX - Pasadena
Tabbed by: LB3119

I could not find any tabs of this song online so I tabbed it out by ear.
This is just the intro.  I cannot figure out the second part of the intro or the 
solo.  Please comment and correct.

Tuning: Standard

Am F G Fe|---------0--x-x-x---1--x-x-x---3--x-x-x---1---------------|B|---------1--x-x-x---1--x-x-x---3--x-x-x---1---------------|G|---------2--x-x-x---2--x-x-x---4--x-x-x---2---------------|D|---------2--x-x-x---3--x-x-x---5--x-x-x---3---------------|A|---------0--x-x-x---3--x-x-x---5--x-x-x---3---------------|E|------------x-x-x---1--x-x-x---3--x-x-x---1---------------|
x=mute Repeat as many times as needed.
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