Pascale Picard – Thinking Of It tab

			     Thinking Of It - Pascale Picard
Tabbed by: Steph

Tuning: Standard

Great great song. Rythm is pretty straighforward, just listen for the chord changes.
I play it with barre chords and so does Pascale so it might be harder for the beginner. 
Last two lines of each verse, she goes back to the D Bm Em A progression. 
This is my first time submitting, I'd say it's about 95% accurate... Have fun!

Chords used :

Verse Bridge e|-10---2---2---3----------/10---2---0---5--|--2--5--2--7--10--2--2--3--5--|B|-10---3---2---3----------/10---3---0---5--|--3--5--3--7--10--3--2--3--5--|G|-11---4---2---4----------/11---4---0---6--|--4--6--4--6--11--4--2--4--6--|D|-12---4---4---5----------/12---4---2---7--|--4--7--4--7--12--4--4--5--7--|A|-12---2---4---5----------/12---2---2---7--|--2--7--2--7--12--2--4--5--7--|E|-10---x---2---3----------/10---x---0---5--|--x--5--x--5--10--x--2--3--5--| D Bm Fm G -slide to /D Bm Em A Bm A Bm A D Bm Fm G A
Verse : D Bm Fm G D Bm Em A Bridge : Bm A Bm A D Bm Fm G A (hold these notes for 2 bars) Feel the way I feel A taste of what's real You'd wish you could fly away It always seems to ease The sweet ol' kiss of nicotine Sunday I'll quit smoking Another promise up high on my list Of promises never kept As I walk along this cold, wet street Hoping to cross Mr. Right, Some stupid weirdo Cracks my silence, barking at me "Hey little girl, wanna go for a ride?!" Another shitty day, but I let it slide For a moment it made me stop Thinking of it Stop thinking of it I got back home and screamed But I don't think it was loud enough To bury that sadness 'Cause it really doesn't seem to become weaker Now where's my pride As I search for pennies I leave a not on the table That no one's gonna read "Just gone drinking" Where am I? What's that place? How did I get there? Excuse me sir, but what's your name? A few more reasons to blame myself As if I haven't got it all figured out I'm so sorry, but not that sorry 'Cause for a moment it just made me stop Thinking of it Stop thinking of it Bridge : Yeah I got your letter But I threw it out Would I have felt better Reading 2 pages full of shit about how I'm a bitch? Maybe it would have made me stronger But right now I need to sleep And then I swear to you that I'll be alright But give up Hang up that stupid phone And please help me stop Thinking of it Stop thiking of it
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