Passenger – Fairy Tales And Firesides chords

Fairytales & Firesides lyrics

D x4

Verse I

D G DWe are bitter losers, snarling through our smiles
Bm G AWe're the lost boys, in the supermarket isles
G AWe're Christmas dogs, dumped by the side of the road
D BmConfused, we will run for miles
GWe are road rage
AWe are stone age
DWe are wild
Verse II
D G DWe are busted light bulbs, in a backstreet neon sign
Bm G AWe're the shaking gun, in a service station line
GWe'll drink though we're drunk,
AWe'll sink though we've sunk
D BmWe're f****d but we say that we're fine
GWe are rampage,
A DMissing back pages in our spine
G D AWe long, for journeys and the roadside
G D AWe long, for starlight and the low tide
G D AYeah, we long, for fairy tales and fire sides
DAnd oh,
Break: D, G, D Verse III
D We are coffeehouse cynics,
G DToo righteous, too rigid to believe
BmDisappointed romantics,
G AScraping the hearts from our sleeves
GWe're the toothless drunk,
AWe're the aging punk
DYeah, we are Adam,
BmWe're the apple and we're Eve
G A DWe are beggars with shiny pennies, on our knees
G D AWe long, for sunlight on the hillsides
G D A Yeah, we long, for yesterdays and hindsight
G D AOh, we long, for fairy tales and fire sides
GAnd oh,
Middle 8 G, D, A, D x3 G, D, (One Strum Each) G, A, D, A (Back to Normal) G, D, A, D C Chorus
G D AYeah we long for carnivals and fairground rides
G D AOh, we long for journeys and the roadsides
G D AOh, we long for fairy tales and fire sides
A combination of A, D and G;but I don't know in what order.
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