Passenger – Keep On Walking chords ver. 3

Been on a few chord patterns for this song and theyre close but not quite 
right so thought i'd do my own. Im on a piano instead of a guitar but the 
progressions should be just as easy on guitar as they are on piano. Not 
too sure about the lyrics but they sound rightish. 

D GWell last night i couldn't sleep, so i got up and started walking
D ARight down the end of my street, and on into town
D D7/C G GminWell I had no one to meet, and i had no taste for talking
D A G D Seems I'm talking my whole life, it's time i listened now.
[This progressions continues for all the verses] I walked past the late night boys, with their bottles and their doorways I walked past the businessmen, sleeping like babies in their cars, And i thought to myself oh son, you may be lost in more ways than one But i've a feeling that it's more fun, than knowing exactly where you are [Chorus]
D A GLike a stone
G A DCarried on the river
D A GLike a Boat
G D AI'm Sailing on the sea
D D7/CSo I keep on walking,
G GminI keep on walking
D A GUntil I find that old love, or that old love,
A DComes to find me
I can't remember the proper structure of the song at the moment but if you listen to it you can work it out pretty quick [Bridge]
D A GOh Lo whoa
G A Doh whoa whoa
D A Goh lo whoa
G D Awhoa whoa whoa
Then the chorus again. Hope this helps
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