Passion Pit - Sleepyhead tab

Tabbed by: Smo

All parts here are played on Capo 1

This is obviously all played on synths, but here are the main parts - arrange them how 

Chords to the whole song:

G, D, C

Some people think it sounds better to play (during the Sleepyheeeaaaad part) Em, D, C - 
works too because the bassline plays something similar.

Verse sample riff thing

If you're just playing chords, accent the first beat of each bar more when the 
bit comes in to replicate the way the bass guitar comes in

e |--3-----5--3--2-----3--2----|--0--2--0-------------------||B |----------------------------|-----------3--0-------------||G |----------------------------|----------------------------||D |----------------------------|----------------------------||A |----------------------------|----------------------------||E |----------------------------|----------------------------||
Solo part If you're strumming along with open chords, play the final C chord like this
e|-3- < add the G note on here on the last C chord and it's better :)B|-1-G|-0-D|-2-A|-3-E|---
The actual solo has a lot of indeterminable pitches, but this sounds damn close! It's folky
e ||--------12-----10-----------------------------------|B ||--------------------12----10-10-10-12-10------------|G ||--12-------(12)-----------------------------12------|D ||----------------------------------------------------|A ||----------------------------------------------------|E ||----------------------------------------------------|
Notes in brackets are played with less emphasis and can even be omitted if you're a and find the solo tricky.
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