Passion Pit - Live To Tell The Tale chords

These tabs are based on the cover i made on youtube

capo on 2nd frett

E|-----B|--1--G|--0--D|--2--A|--3--E|-----intro/ this is the
E|-----B|--1--G|--0--D|--0--A|--2--E|-----room where we always
E|-----B|--1--G|--2--D|--2--A|--0--E|-----dreamed of
E|-----B|--1--G|--2--D|--3--A|--3--E|-----grass and splendid........
evenings^^^^ back up, and start again like a loop lol but here is the transition to chorus
transitionE|-----B|--1--G|--2--D|--3--A|--3--E|-----emitting typhoons of feelings not easily made with out need..
chorusE|-----B|--1--G|--2--D|--2--A|--0--E|-----god bless that
E|-----B|--1--G|--0--D|--0--A|--2--E|-----smile on your face
E|-----B|--1--G|--0--D|--2--A|--3--E|-----god bless the seeds
E|-----B|--1--G|--0--D|--0--A|--2--E|-----in the ground..... then another loop with god bless my familys keen gaze^^ starting up again
the end of the chorusE|-----B|--1--G|--2--D|--2--A|--0--E|-----the story
E|------------------|B|--1-------------1-|G|--0-------------0-|D|--0-------------2-|A|--2-------------3-|E|------------------|with no ending
i never thought you were here you never left me have you, you never left me at all not once..........same pattern as the chorus that is basically the whole song right there just all those chords pretty easy.. but you might need to listen to my cover as a reference because the original song sounds wayyy to electro
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