Passion - As Long As You Wait For Me chords

As Long as You Wait for Me

Standard tuning
CAPO on 2nd fret

E for this E chord he hammers on and pulls off on the 2nd fret on G stringe ---|---|---|---|---|B ---|---|---|---|---|G -x-|---|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|-x-|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---|
A/Gb for this A/Gb chord use your thumb on the E string and pull off and hammer on the B stringe ---|---|---|---|---|B ---|-x-|---|---|---|G ---|-x-|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|-o-|---|---|---|E ---|-x-|---|---|---|
e ---|---|---|---|---|B ---|-x-|---|---|---|G ---|-x-|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|---|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---|
e ---|---|---|---|---|B ---|---|---|---|---|G ---|---|---|-x-|---|D ---|---|---|-x-|---|A ---|-x-|---|---|---|E ---|-o-|---|---|---|
e ---|---|---|---|---|B ---|---|---|-x-|---|G ---|---|---|-x-|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|---|---|-x-|---|E ---|---|---|-o-|---|
A/GbCan determine so many things
AFrom new love to wedding rings
B C#m7From stay or say goodbye
EI’ve heard the stories
A/GbThe failure and glories
AThe warnings of ones
B C#m7Who will never ever try again
ABut honey we’ll make it,
Eyes we will
A/Gb AAlthough we’re miles apart
C#m7I love you still
EAs long as you wait for me,
A/GbPlease save a space for me,
A BInside your arms, I know its been long
C#m7Darling stay strong, for me
EJust as the edelweiss grows,
A/GbSo will our love also grow
A BI promise you, we’ll make it through
EAs longs as you’ll wait for me
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