Pat Boone - A Wonderful Time Up There chords

A Wonderful Time Up There:Pat Boone.
#4 in 1958.

CHORUS:  (Capo 4th fret for original.)
EWell, now, everybody's gonna have religion and glory,
AEverybody's gonna be singin' that story,
E BEverybody's gonna have a wonderful time up there,
Oh, glory hallelujah.
EBrother, there's a reckonin' comin' in the mornin,'
ABetter get ready cause I'm givin' you the warnin,'
E B EEverybody's gonna have a wonderful time up there.
ENow listen, everybody cause I'm talkin' to you.
BThe Lord is the only one to carry you through.
EYou better get ready cause I'm tellin' you why,
B A EThe Lord is comin' from His throne on high.
EGoin' down the valley, goin' one by one,
BWe're gonna be rewarded for the things we've done.
EHow you gonna feel about the things you'll say...
A B Eon that Judgment Day?
ENow you get your Holy Bible, in the back of the book.
BThe Book of Revelation is the place you look.
EIf you understand it, and you can if you try.
A EThe Lord is comin' from His throne on high.
EReadin' in the Bible about the things he said,
BHe said He's comin' back again to raise the dead.
EAre you gonna be among the chosen few?
A B EWill you make it through?
CHORUS:(x2) A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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