Pat Mcgee Band – How We Got Here tab

How We Got Here
Artist: Pat McGee Band
Album: No Wrong Way To Make It Right

Contributor: Daniel Schnall

Tuning: EADGBE

C Em Am C/G F Dm G D/F#e |(0)| |-0-| |-0-| |-3-| |-0-| |-1-| |-3-| |---|B |-1-| |-0-| |-1-| |-1-| |-1-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-|G |-0-| |-0-| |-2-| |-0-| |-2-| |-2-| |-0-| |-2-|D |-2-| |-2-| |-2-| |-2-| |-3-| |-0-| |-0-| |-0-|A |-3-| |-2-| |-0-| |-x-| |---| |---| |-2-| |-x-|E |---| |-0-| |---| |-3-| |---| |---| |-3-| |-2-|
C Em This day in history Am C/G I remember we were arguing F About what I can't recall right now F But I know some words had all turned sour and C Em Am We cried between the spotty laughter C/G We came from looking amiss F After when the sun came up F C And made our bed was a sign we stayed up C/G F All night C Em Am C/G F It's how we got here C Em Two cars are of full of the things Am We packed it all up and C/G F Decided to bring our lives to the other side of the world F We drove ourselves in circles and well C Em Am Bad weather couldn't keep us from heading south C/G There's no point in turning around F Towns are quick with quiet ghosts F I asked for you to follow close C Should it take C/G F All night C C/G F (CHORDS) It's how we got there Dm G Should we fall forward Am C/G D/F# Stumbling to something rather awkward C C/G Maybe Oh yeah C Em Am C/G F It's how we get here C Em Well we're not quite sure the time it takes Am C/G Or this love that we're supposed to make F Up comes the blinding sun F Proving we have just begun our C Em Am Lives together ain't we wonderful C/G We're full of so much love F The means to clutch and carry on F C/G Figuring where things went wrong may take C/G F All night C C/G F But we'll get there C C/G F It's how we got here
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