Pat Mcgee Band – At It Again tab

Guitar I strums an A chord

Guitar II--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------4h5p4------------|-4/5--7-------------------|
For one guitar, might sound good as (maybe?):
Verse 1 A Take it all, take a little love, Bm G D A for my life, no one there to blame, but myself. A Bm Take in my eyes, robbing me blind of my tears, G D A and that's just fine, for you, I'm waiting in line. Pre-Chorus G And never say the words, say the words, don't say them ... Chorus D G C Yeah yeah, you know you're tearing me up, G D and holding me down, you're at it again. G C Oh oh, you know you're leaving me out, G A without any doubt, you'll do it again. Again and again ... Verse 2 Taking it all, taking the fall for your life, but not for long, he was right, and everyone was wrong. Take all the pain for awhile, once in your life, show me a smile, end this fight tonight. Repeat Chorus Bridge Bm G D Loneliness I, I can't forever(?). Bm G D Take a look inside if you don't remember, C if you don't remember. Repeat Pre-Chorus (pause) Repeat Chorus 2x Guitar solo over chorus chords D G D Yeah yeah you're at it again ...
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