Pat Mcgee Band – Must Have Been Love tab

Intro Figure
* The first three chords are played 8 times each

Verse 1 * first three chords played 8 times each
Between these walls you will find me I will be waiting here for you Just close your eyes I'll be standing With my hand reached out to you Pre-Chorus C# x46600 B x24400 A x02200 C# B A Don't start to cry C# B A Baby please don't cry Chorus
Must have been love Could've been fate Whatever it was It came much too late Must have been love Could have been fate Whatever it was It came much to late Verse 2 I touch your skin feel your breath upon me fills me up with life taste your love wash it down with every ounce of warmth inside Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge C#m x46654 G#m 466444 A 5x7600 B 7x9800 E 022100 C#m - G#m - A - B C#m - G#m - A - E(stop) C#m G#m A My heart bleeds for you B C#m Only for you G#m A Your eyes tell the truth B C#m Must have been you G#m A I'm out of my mind B I'm begging you C# B A <- using pre-chorus chords Don't start crying Chorus 2x Outro (using chorus chords) ** anyone what he was singing? We touch as we so one over you if I could just get one night with you Ask anything that you want me to I can move on or stay with you stay with you ...
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