Pat Monahan - Her Eyes tab version 1

Well hey, this is my first tab, but it seems to me like a lot of people are having
trouble figuring this one out.  I spent a few hours watching videos of this song
being played acoustically and i know that while what i have might not be perfect,
it's good enough to play along with the song and to play by itself.
(Disclaimer #1: I've named the chords to as close as i can name them with my poor
knowledge of music theory.  Look at how i tabbed them, not just the name to see
how to play it.  There are 2 different C chords he plays, one that's a standard C
with a third fret B string(it's almost a Cadd9), and one that i called C(2) just
because it's the second C chord in the song.  I'm not really sure what it should
actually be called.  It's a standard C with an extra 3rd fret high E string.)
(Disclaimer #2: I hold no claim to the song "Her Eyes".  It is copyright Pat
Monahan or Sony BMG.  This tab represents my own interpretation of how to play
 this song on the guitar.If the copyright owner wishes my tab taken down i will

Put a Capo on the 3rd Fret to match the key of the actual song.  All chords are
relative to the Capo.

Intro/verse Em G A5 A5+thumbE 0--3---------|B 0--3---------|G 0--0-2--2--2-|D 2--0-2--2--2-|A 2--2-0--0--0-|E 0--3----2--3-|
Every other time through this pattern the A5+thumb bit is taken out and he holds the A5. Then there's a C(2) and a D before either the next verse or the chorus.
Chorus Em C D A5 G Em D A5 C(2)D G A5 E7 C(2)D EmE 0--3-2----3-0--2----3---2-3----3---3--2-0-|B 0--3-3----3-0--3----1---3-3----0---1--3-0-|G 0--0-1-2--0-0--1-2--2---1-0-2--0---0--1-0-|D 2--2-0-2--0-2--0-2--0---0-0-2--0---2--0-2-|A 2--3---0--2-2----0--3-----2-0--2---3----2-|E 0---------3-0-------------3-------------0-|
The final Em becomes the first Em in the next verse. When it goes to the bridge, play the Em then the Bm that starts the bridge.
Bridge Bm G A5 Em Bm G A5 Bm G A5 C(2) DE 5--3----0--5--3----5--3-----3--2-|B 6--3----0--6--3----6--3-----1--3-|G 7--0-2--0--7--0-2--7--0-2---2--1-|D 7--0-2--2--7--0-2--7--0-2---0--0-|A 5--2-0--2--5--2-0--5--2-0---3----|E 5--3----0--5--3----5--3----------|
Little Picking Bit Between Bridge and Final Chorus Cadd9 Dsus4 G Dsus4 G Cadd9E --0----0----3---0---3---0-|B --3----3----3---3---3---3-|G --0----2----0---2---2---0-|D --2----0----0---0---0---2-|A --3---------2-----------3-|E ------------3-------------|
For this part, just pick strings. When i do it, i pick the strings in this order:Cadd9-AGEB Dsus4-DGEB G-EDBG, or something like that. It also sounds good if you just strum the low part of the chord once, then pick the last two notes from the top down. Em G A5 A5+thumbslide She's not afraid, she just likes to use her night light E G A5 When she gets paid, true religion gets it all...If they fit right. E G A5 She's a little bit manic, completely organic A5+thumbslide Doesn't panic for the most part. C D Em She's old enough to know, and young enough not to say no G A5 A5+thumbslide To any chance that she gets for home plate tickets to see the Mets. Em G A5 Like everybody, she's in over her head, Dreads Feds, Grateful Dead, and doesn't take meds. Em G She's a Gemini Capricorn A5 A5+thumbslide Thinks all men are addicted to porn. C I don't agree with her half the time, D But, damn I'm glad she's mine. Em C D A5 G Her eyes, that's where hope lies. Em D That's where blue skies A5 Meet the sunrise. C(2) D G A5 E7 Her eyes, that's where I go C(2) Em When I go home. She got the kinda strength that every man wishes he had. She loved Michael Jackson up until he made Bad. Tells me that she lives about a hundred lives, Scares me to death when she thinks and drives, Says cowboy hats make her look fat, and I'm so glad she's mine. Her eyes, that's where hope lies. That's where blue skies Meet the sunrise. Her eyes, that's where I go When I go home. Bm G A5 Em She doesn't know the word impossible Bm G A5 Don't care where I've been and doesn't care where we're goin to. Bm G A5 She takes me as I am, and that ain't easy. C(2) D She's beautiful. So beautiful. Cadd9 Dsus4 G Dsus4 G Cadd9 And sometimes I think she's truly crazy. And I love it. Her eyes, that's where hope lies. That's where blue skies Always meet the sunrise. Her eyes, that's where I go When I go home. Her eyes, that's where hope lies. That's where blue skies Always meet the sunrise. Her eyes, that's where I go When I go home. She's not afraid, she just likes to use her night light. Well, i hope i could help anybody who was having trouble with this song. If you have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or an idea about the tabs that you think something is incorrect, can feel free to email me. I'll give credit and fix it if i deem it appropriate. i'm not interested in flame emails if you think it's not done right. Say so politely and consider your views. -Kreschyboy
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