Patrice – No Excuse tab

Hey there, this is my first tab, but I think it sounds pretty good that way.

I structured this song in three parts:

1. Intro and verse: G   F  (listen to the song to figure out the rhythm)

Intro: play four times G  F

Them ah chat like them bad
But them don't know what them do
All of them flex like idiot
Them must be mad, them must be fool
There's so much them forgot
When them type of people there pass through
I just say...stupidness is no excuse

2. Chorus (same rhythm as verse):   C(sounds better when played as barre) Bb

C                                Bb
Enough men ah gawn like them are bad man, bad man
C                  Bb
But badness nah go pay
C                      Bb
It can pay your rent today and tomorrow but
C                          Bb
What about the end of the day?
C                             Bb
Others ah gawn like them are big man, big man
C                             Bb
And suck out the blood of the poor

3. End of chorus (still the same rhythm)

Sry I don't quite know how these chords are called, I just figured them out by listening 
the song so I will tab them this way.
First one is again C
I will call the following ones 2, 3, 4, because I don't know them...I hope you don't mind...

So then it goes: 2: 3: 4: e----5--5----6--6----8--8----| B----5--5----6--6----8--8----| G----7--7----8--8----10-10---| D----7--7----8--8----10-10---| A----5--5----6--6----8--8----| E----5--5----6--6----8--8----|
That's they way it's supposed to be played: C But allmighty JahJah 2 I see everything 3 So there's no need to be fake 4 Cause your judgement you can't escape Chorus again...and so on... I hope you enjoy this great song!
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