Patrice - No Excuse chords

There's already a tab of this song on ultimate-guitar but to me it looked a bit 
wrong and confusing although it was pretty close. So just to make it clearer:
GmThem ah chat like them bad
FBut them don't know what them do
GmAll of them flex like idiot
FThem must be mad, them must be fool
GmThere's so much them forgot
FWhen them type of people there pass through
GmI just say. Stupidness is no excuse. Jah!
Cm BbEnough men ah gawn like them are bad man, bad man
Cm BbBut badness nah go pay
Cm BbIt can pay your rent today and tomorrow but
Cm BbWhat about the end of the day?
Cm BbOthers ah gawn like them are big man, big man
Cm BbAnd suck out the blood of the poor
CmBut allmighty JahJah
DmI see everything
EbSo there's no need to be fake
FCause your judgement you can't escape
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