Patrick Park - You Were Always The One chords

You Were Always The One from Patrick's fabulous Album 'Come What Will'

Capo 2nd Fret

This was worked out from the video

I thinks its pretty much spot on but there could be the odd mistake. Feel free to take 
it and change it if you feel this is the case

For the hammer-on's in the intro and verses he plays this

e----------|b----------|g--2-------| If you dont fancy the stretch to the fith fret then you couldd--2h4-----| play a regular open D chord and hammer-on from open to thea--5-------| 2nd fret of the high e string with your middle finger tog getE----------| the f# to g# just in a higher register.
Also in the intro and verses, there is a quick change between three chords, Bm-Bsus4-D, which goes like this
e--------2--|b--3--2--3--| I find it easy to just lay my first finger flat on theg--4--4--2--| fret board to get the 2nd fret on the b string, or you couldd--4--4--0--| move your first finger down to play it and not play the roota--2--2-----| on the a string, its more important to play the 2nd fret bE-----------| string to get the right sound.
Intro: D(with hammer on) A G Bm Bsus4 D D A G x2 Verse
D(hammer-on) AI've been stuck in my ways
G Bm Bsus4 DI've been rolling through days
D A GAlways afraid that things might get better
D(hammer-on) AI've been travelling down this road
G Bm Bsus4 DLiving free i suppose
D A GAll the while feeling tired and teathered
D BmAnd i don't understand why i play these games
G Bm AAnd i trade the truth for lies
Bm A GCos' you were always the one i was looking for babe
D A DIt just took time to realise
Interlude D G D A 2nd verse ( same as first ) I've slummed it away On the brightest of days Always had trouble keeping on the level And i made a big show Of letting you go God knows i was some kind of devil 2nd Chorus ( same as first ) Bridge
EmIt's the hardest thing by far
GTo see who we are
BmAnd then let the whole thing go
GAnd float like the leaves
D D/C# BmThat hang on the wind
G A D(hammer-on) A G
Bm Bsus4 D D A GWhichever way it blows
D(hammer-on) A G Bm Bsus4 D D A G Third verse ( same as the first 2 ) Now mistakes its true I've made more than a few And i'm going to make many others And it's hard to see why We go through this sometimes All the things that we do to each other Final chorus ( same as the first 2 ) Outro D A D As i said, i think this is pretty much there but if there is something that needs changing, go ahead and change it. Please rate, thanks.
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