Patrick Stump - Love Selfish Love tab

			     LOVE SELFISH LOVE - Patrick Stump
Tabbed by: Marita

so Patrick Stump put out a full (and audible!) acoustic rendition of his new original
song Love Selfish Love. i thought i should tab it out so everybody out there can have a
go! feel free to email me suggestions/improvements, i will give out due credit. i have 
tabbed mostly by ear and by watching the video (2nd one below). i am not sure of some of the
chords but it sounds legit. im not putting down the strumming pattern- its pretty simple 
to get it if you just listen to the song. i also dont mind if you want to put this on 
another site or make a second version to this tab AS LONG AS I GET CREDIT! share all you want!

here is the first video (live and hard to hear some parts) of the song
and heres the new video (acoustic and near studio quality)

Tuning: standard

Versese|---3---0--------------0---0---0------------------|B|---3---0--------------0---2---3------------------|G|---0---2--------------0---2---0------------------|D|---0---2--------------2---2---0------------------|A|---2---1--------------2---0---2------------------|E|---3---3(or 0 or muted)--0---0---0---------------|
Pree|---3---0---------------0---0---0---------------|B|---3---0---------------0---2---3---------------|G|---0---2---------------0---2---0---------------|D|---0---2---------------2---2---0---------------|A|---2---1---------------2---0---2---------------|E|---3---3(or 0 or muted)---0---0---0------------|
Choruse|---0---0----------------------------3---------------------------------|B|---3---2----------------------------3---------------------------------|G|---0---2---(there may be a barre chord--4--in there somewhere)--------|D|---0---2----------------------------5---------------------------------|A|---2---0----------------------------5---------------------------------|E|---0---0----------------------------3---------------------------------|
thats all i really got up to! feel free to add on or change stuff via comment or email. BELIEVERS NEVER DIE. ************************************
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