Patrick Wolf - Augustine chords

(This isn't in the same key as the original, but it sounds accurate)

Em G C

Em G CAs the bell tower blocks the summer light
Em G CAll the seeds in our garden fight
Em D C BTo break and blossom, all to be adored
CAnd look, your skirt is torn
DAnd there's blood on our sheets
Em G CAs comes the long arm of the law
Em G CFist tight, banging on the door
Em D C B C DAnd knocking me down on its way in
As I pass out into a dream Of whooping cranes and wooden beams Great white wings beating In an attic, in a house, in the dead of night Singing
C D Em D C Em D COh, my Augustine, Augustine
C D Em D C Em D COh, is this forever, ever?
C DOh, oh
Em D C Em D CSweet Augustine, Augustine
C DWhat does this mean for us?
Does it mean that I can never change my ways? And that's why, love, you shouldn't stay Still you will and love me Like a mother or a maid bringing you down, down Down on your brazen knees Watering the worms and the weeds Thinking, why does love leave me so damn cold? Now I'm getting old And is this what it should be? Well, is it? Oh, my Augustine, Augustine. Oh, is this forever, ever? Oh, oh Sweet Augustine, Augustine
C D G COr do we kill this one tonight?
Em G CAnd now come the tears, heavy and hot
Em G CAs it comes clear, this is all we got
Em D CAs I hold you to my bed
B CLike a cancer, or a curse
DNow be my loving nurse
Em D C EmAs we fall back into the impossible dream
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