Patty Griffin – Heavenly Day chords

Heavenly Day
by Patty Griffin
Standard Tuning (EADGBe)
Capo on 4th

G Em C Dsus4Oh Heavenly day
G Em C Dsus4All the clouds blew away
G Em C Dsus4Got no trouble today
G Em C Dsus4With anyone
G Em C Dsus4The smile on your face
G Em C Dsus4I live only to see
G Em It's enough for me baby
C DIt's enough for me
GOh heavenly day
CHeavenly day
GHeavenly day
Em GTomorrow may rain with sorrow
Am EmHere's a little time we can borrow
C GForget all our troubles in these moments so few
Am C DOh we can right now the only thing that all that we really have to do
G Em C DIs have ourselves a heavenly day
G Em C DLay here and watch the trees sway
G Em Oh can't see no other way
CNo way
DNo way
G C GHeavenly day heavenly day heavenly day
Em No one on my shoulder
GBringing me fears
AmGot no clouds up above me
EmBringing me tears
CGot nothing to tell you
GI got nothing much to say
AmOnly I'm glad to be here with you
C D G Em COn this heavenly heavenly heavenly heavenly heavenly day
D G Em C DOh all the troubles gone away
G Em Oh for awhile anyway
C DFor awhile anyway
GHeavenly day
EmHeavenly day
CHeavenly day
DHeavenly day
GHeavenly day
C GOh heavenly day
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