Paul And Storm - A Better Version Of You tab

A Better Version of You
by Paul and Storm
Chords - AtionSong

D  G  D  A

D                    G
Hey, little man, get up out of bed
    A            G                D    G
And wipe all the sleep from those eyes
  D                           G
I know that itís late, but we just couldnít wait
   Em                   A
To tell you our big new surprise

Remember that night, about three months ago
When you walked into Mom and Dadís room?
And then how we talked of the birds and the bees
And ďarousalĒ and ďclimaxĒ and ďwombs?Ē

          F#                      Bm
Well, six months from now, youíll be a big brother
       Bm            A           G     G
Thatís right, Little Tiger, itís true:
D                   A               G
Mommy and Daddy are making a better version of you

It might be a boy, just like his older brother
But without the flaws holding you down
Or, if we are lucky, we could have a girl
Like we wanted the first time around

Maybe this new person wonít wet the bed
Or bug us for candy and toys
I bet the new you will shut up when we tell them
And not make so much goddamn noise

Thanks to the five years weíve had you to practice on
Now we know what not to do
Mommy and Daddy are making a better version of you

Can you imagine the things heíll achieve
As a doctor or lawyer or Indian chief?
Heíll be an astronaut, heíll bring world peace
He will win the World Series and cure all disease

He will be handsome
And he will be popular
He will be wealthy
And very important
And he will be famous
And he will be special
    F          D
And you get to watch

Itís a lot for a five-year-old boy to take in
But we know that youíre brave and youíre tough
We ask that you give to him all of your love
And your bedroom and all of your stuff

Itís not a replacementóitís more like an upgrade
Itís Our Little Guy, version II
Mommy and Daddy are making
The bunís in the oven and baking
Mommy and Daddy are making a better version of you
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