Paul Anka – Diana chords

Diana:Paul Anka.
#1 in UK and USA in 1957.

G EmI'm so young and you're so old,
C Dthis, my darling, I've been told.
G EmI don't care just what they say,
C Dcause forever I will pray.
G EmYou and I will be as free,
C Das the birds up in the trees.
G Em C D G Em C DOoooooh, pleeeeease, stay by me, Diana.
G Em Thrills I get when you hold me close,
C Doh, my darling, you're the most.
G EmI love you but do you love me?
C DOh, Diana, can't you see?
G EmI love you with all my heart,
C Dand I hope we will never part.
G Em C D G Em C DOoooh, pleeeeeease, stay by me, Diana.
C CmOh, my darlin', oh, my lover,
Gtell me that there is no other.
C CmI love you, with my heart..
G DOh-oh, oh-oh, oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh...
G EmOnly you can take my heart,
C Donly you can tear it apart.
G EmWhen you hold me in your loving arms,
C DI can feel you giving all your charms.
G EmHold me, darling, ho..ho..hold me tight,
C Dsqueeze me baby with-a all your might.
G Em C D G EmOoooh, pleeeease, stay by me, Diana.
C D G EmOoooh, please, Diana.....(x3.)
A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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